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Solution Architect Roles and Responsibilities

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Enforce adherence to architectural standards and principles, globally followed product-specific guidelines, usability design standards, etc. Provide technical direction and lead a group of one or more architects addressing a common goal. The career progression of an AWS Solutions Architect depends on the type of projects they work on and their overall work experience. AWS Solutions Architects often come from varied backgrounds, taking on this role at different points of their careers.

There is a great deal of pressure in the US to move development to countries with cheaper labor. While the SA role could be outsourced, , there is some insulation because of the need to work closely with the Functional Analysts in the gathering and organization of requirements. The distributed software of the global world requires more effort on the part of the SA and increases their need.

Sometimes, when organizations’ projects become challenging and complex, they look for the one who performs a solutions architect’s duties perfectly. Solution architecture is the practice of designing, describing, and managing solution engineering to match it with specific business problems. For example, protecting customer data under GDPR and other privacy regulations is a business-level problem. Solution architecture defines how those requirements would translate into the way a given software operates.

The solutions architect must decide on the technical aspects based on the project’s structure. One may include the programming language, development environments, operating system, and other factors. With so many technologies accessible in the IT sector with similar features and benefits, this work can get hard. Aside from technical considerations, a solutions architect must know the project’s non-functional needs. These factors might make a significant portion of the job predictable, but they will certainly not be every time.

Enterprise Architect Vs. Technical Architect Vs. Solutions Architect

3+ years of experience designing, implementing or consulting in applications and infrastructures. Both functional and non-functional requirements are written down in a project specification. These experts have recently been popular as CI/CD gets increasingly integrated into the business.

As companies increasingly embrace innovations, they start to experience the need to align the technological solutions with their business objectives and the unique requirements of their organizations. The cloud architect handles risk analysis, cost estimates, and communication with non-IT personnel to ensure smooth implementation and transition. ITIL is the industry-accepted range of qualifications that contains 5 levels. The highest credential is the ITIL Master for those experts who deal with IT service management and have deep experience with ITIL practices. Solution architecture is focused on details and solution technologies to address a specific business problem.

roles and responsibilities of solution architect

Communicating the software characteristics to technical and non-technical stakeholders. Our teamGet to know the team that makes us one of the best strategy and technology consulting companies in Europe. Organize brainstorming sessions to generate ideas for possible business requirements or difficulties. Keep abreast of emerging technology/industry trends in the cloud and Define new patterns and standards as required. Ensure suitable sizing of solutions, technology fit, and DR are assessed and accounted for.

What is a Solution Architect Role and Responsibilities?

The architect must recognize the corporate strategy and realize all business processes that define how a company achieves its strategic goals. As a result, solution architects constantly deal with analytical work and move between various business layers. A solutions architect is responsible for building and implementing IT systems architectures that meet the set business requirements.

roles and responsibilities of solution architect

Thus, the solution architect must constantly conduct analytical work at different levels of the business. The speed of software product development depends on the actions of the solution architect, and this is the most important thing. He must also study the limitations of the project solution architecture responsibilities in order to analyze feasible alternatives and reduce risks. This practice has given rise to a corresponding position – the architect of solutions. This is the Person responsible for leading the practice and presenting the overall technical vision for a particular solution.

A solution architect’s roles and responsibilities within the organization

In summary, these savvy employees must have an equally good understanding of how an enterprise runs and how to address various issues by adroitly leveraging technologies. This stage covers the entire software development process, including writing specifications and conducting testing. First, SA works with the technical team to think through all possible options for bringing the idea to life.

  • The exam lasts 130 minutes and requires a registration fee depending on the exam type.
  • As the solution architect knows the architecture components, they know what people — front end, back end, iOS, Android developers — they need to involve.
  • With the proper certifications and a few years of experience, technical professionals can explore a lucrative career as an AWS solutions architect.
  • It is he who is responsible for all unplanned situations and their consequences.
  • They start their role by accumulating business requirements, learning its specifications, and performing with stakeholders to deliver the expected solution.

We’ve considered the core skills that a good solution architect must possess. At Intellectsoft, we have gathered the best specialists including accomplished IT solutions architects. Our company has more than 15 years of experience in the outsourcing market and a track record of successful collaboration with international businesses and Fortune 500 companies. As the process is always heavy on the budget and highly risky, every company should have a solutions architect to implement new solutions and scale them successfully. A solutions architect can be introduced to a company’s enterprise structure through software architecture consulting services. This certification targets professionals of different levels of seniority who work with AWS technologies while developing apps and systems.

Types of Solutions Architects: Specialization

While it is a challenging role, it is also a role born out of an experience, which helps bear the burden of the entire solution deployment. There are several Solution Architect roles covered under the umbrella of the position. Solution Architects should possess a combination of skills in order to help design, build and lead the execution of a solution with precision and effectiveness. In the following section of this article, we are going to dissect the skills anatomy of a formidable Solution Architect. Solutions architects should not only anticipate bottlenecks but also know how to avoid them and fix the problems in case they do pop up.

Such immensity of tasks calls for a broad scope of competencies and skills a solutions architect must possess. Solutions architects outline the features of the future solution and map out the phases of its development and implementation. Not only technological impact must be considered but the new solution’s impact on the key business processes as well. They assess the risks connected with software solutions, frameworks, and third-party applications. You will calculate prices, determine cost-control measures and choose the best AWS service for your data, computing, database, and security needs. You will likely spend some of your days designing and arranging scalable, highly accessible, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS.

Interested in this expertise?

Time management –Time management is a strong skill that Cloud professionals must possess. There are many tasks for which they need to plan their day like discussing problems, designing architecture frameworks, working on migrations, etc. Having a large-scale project may demand hiring a Solution architect as he will help with the management of software architects and the teams involved to emerge with a best-quality outcome.

How to Become a Solutions Architect?

Perhaps the most critical skills for the SA are the ability to create consensus and understanding around the architecture. Once the SA has created the architecture it’s time to communicate and sell it. In addition to research on technologies and approaches critical to the architecture, there is often https://globalcloudteam.com/ a review of patterns that might be useful to the architecture. Patterns are previously described and validated approaches that can be used to create portions of the solution. Patterns are released through research and can come from places such as Microsoft’s software development libraries.

Ensuring compliance with non-functional requirements

A solutions architect needs to be adaptable to a wide range of situations and eager to understand the particular needs of each project. Since no two projects or clients are same, both new and experienced cloud architects may aid their business by always learning and being open to trying new things. Researching new products and features while keeping an eye on reputable blogs and message forums may be the start of any day early.

Conducts a system architecture evaluation and collaborates with project management and IT development teams to improve the architecture. An integral part of development is the choice of the technology stack. The main goal, in this case, is to find which stack will be most suitable for a particular project. Therefore, in any company that is aimed at development, the architecture of solutions is developed. This is the practice of designing, describing, and managing solutions depending on the tasks and problems of the business. Another approach to becoming a SA is to become a distinguished Development Lead .

Development leaders need to buy into and accept the architecture, to know how the pieces will fit together at a high level. They must also see the art portion of the architecture to get an appreciation of the subtle nuances of their portion of the architecture. That elegance helps to maintain cohesion between various parts of the design and encourages simplicity. It is necessary for the lower level design and approach to match the higher-level architecture for the solution to be cohesive.

They cooperate with all the teams involved in the development process and need to know how every product and service works in architecture. An IT solution architect needs all this knowledge to oversee a successful delivery of a quality end product to its end users. The solution architect role description includes organizing a series of actions for software creation and integration with other systems so that its technical implementation corresponds with the firm’s overall goals. Before starting work on a new project, it is necessary to study the structure of the company and the basic requirements. However, you can delegate all relevant authority to the solution architect. Cooperating with Ardas, you do not need to tire yourself with the search for a qualified IT solution architect.

Owning the planning, execution, technical engagement, and outcomes of specific implementation projects and assignments. A Solutions Architect evaluates the business needs of an organization and determines how those needs can be supported. They leverage software, hardware, and infrastructure to develop solutions. The tech architecture strategy directly depends on the technology stack architects choose. It’s a solution architect’s responsibility to ensure that the login process goes as fast and seamless and possible.

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