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Addiction Recovery and Rehab in Utah

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These became the first sober houses in California – some of which are still operating today. Opened in 2009, Williamsburg House is a residential sober living home in Brooklyn, NY that provides an environment of safety while you get your life back on track. There are many choices when it comes to sober living, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Any city will have a number of sober living homes with open beds, and large cities can offer dozens of different options.

  • Do you have a safe space to reflect and meditate, or a creative place to let go?
  • Sober living means living in a place where there are no temptations or distractions from alcohol or drugs.
  • Although sober living homes are less restrictive than inpatient facilities, they still have rules that residents must abide by, including curfews and group meeting attendance.
  • First, we could not directly compare which type of SLH was most effective because there were demographic and other individual characteristics that differed between the two types of houses.
  • There is no alcohol, no drugs, and no addictive prescriptions or OTC drugs allowed in a recovery home.
  • Prepare a policy handbook for your sober living home to set the standard for residents’ rights and responsibilities.

A place where unconditional love and support allows us to explore all our imperfections together to find acceptance and healing. Whether new to sobriety or familiar with the trials and tribulations of relapse, we welcome all individuals who have a desire to create a new life for themselves. And with residential treatment being very pricey, it can feel like too much to have to spend.

What are the Different Sober Living Types?

When in active addiction, we tend to ignore the things that make us successful. So when getting back on our feet and in recovery, cooking and cleaning for ourselves is part of a healthy recovery plan.

sober living

By addressing the common challenges people face in recovery and providing affordable sober housing, we have helped countless individuals take hold of a fresh start and live a happier, healthier life. The price of rent for sober living varies greatly based on the home’s location, amenities, and services provided.

Sober Housing & Services

Sober living houses allow those in recovery to develop independence, to establish themselves, and to thrive in a sober environment. In treatment settings specifically, sober living homes will couple this independence with the benefit of 24/7 watchful and accessible care. This means you can meet with a counselor or clinician, whenever you need it most.

https://ecosoberhouse.com/ homes offer safety and support for people recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. You live in a substance-free environment while navigating the responsibilities of life in the real world.

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The biggest risk for relapse happens when leaving treatment and being confronted with the temptations of the real world. Patton Sober Living is a group of sober living homes in Dallas, Texas. Our Founder & CEO, John Patton, has created a program designed to help young adults succeed. Through his personal and professional life experience, John has come to understand addiction as a disease that can be treated over time. Our transitional housing residents are surrounded by supportive and active communities. As residents work and engage with the members of local neighborhoods, they often develop relationships that can last a lifetime.

Instead of jumping right back into their hectic and possibly stressful schedules, they can take the time to live among their peers as they prepare for their new life in sobriety. Development and promotion of quality assurance standards for sober living homes. When understanding our society as a whole, and the rapid rise of addiction rates, we must come together and provide services for helping those struggling. We should have an answer to the problems that are plaguing our country. At Real Deal, we are the sober living company focused on making a better tomorrow.

Sober Living Philosophy

Halfway houses serve as the halfway point between an institution and independent society, with residents usually coming from either correctional or inpatient treatment facilities. Central to recovery in SLHs is involvement in 12-step mutual help groups (Polcin & Henderson, 2008). However, some houses will allow other types of activities that can substitute for 12 step groups, provided they constitute a strategy for maintaining ongoing abstinence.

  • In some cases, sober living homes will contract with licensed drug rehabilitation centers and therapists as a means for providing an even greater level of care.
  • There are a variety of sober fun and recreational opportunities include a local gym as well as other sports clubs, outdoor sports, fishing, hiking, skiing, swimming, rock climbing, and many others.
  • It further provides healthy coping skills and emergency contact numbers in times of high-stress or high-cravings/urges to use.
  • SLHs and Halfway homes may have other differences depending on the programs.
  • These measures were taken from the Important People Instrument (Zywiak, et al., 2002).

If you were to ask the residents of a sober home, especially one of the quality of Real Deal sober house vs halfway house, they would tell you it is worth every penny. If you were to ask their families, they would emphatically agree.

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